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Bottle-top dispenser - seripettor®: Precise Robust Easy
Bottle-top dispenser - seripettor®: Precise Robust Easy
seripettor® and seripettor® pro are innovative bottle-top dispensers from BRAND with a special design. A lifting spring provides automatic filling. When the piston seal is worn out, the entire dispensing unit can be exchanged by the user quickly and easily.

Operating range: seripettor®:
   •  Aqueous solutions: Routinely used biological buffer solutions and detergents, antifoaming agents, culture media, vitamin solutions and so on can be dispensed. Hydrogen peroxide can also be dispensed.
   •  Agar culture media can be dispensed at up to a max. of 60 °C.
   •  Acids: Weak, dilute or non-oxidizing acids can be dispensed.
   •  Alkaline solutions: The components of the instrument are compatible with alkaline solutions, such as NaOH, KOH and ammonia.
   •  Polar solvents: e.g., polar solvents such as ethanol, methanol, acetylacetone, etc.

BRAND, Germany (05/28/2020)
Mark NTL120-111