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Thermal Desorber TD 3.5+
Thermal Desorber TD 3.5+
The Thermal Desorber TD 3.5+ is an efficient automated system for thermal desorption and thermal extraction, perfectly suited for the analysis of material emissions and air. The TD 3.5+ handles standard 3.5” tubes, and GERSTEL plus tubes with up to 20 % more sorbent for enhanced break-through volume and improved recovery.

The TD 3.5+ incorporates the latest advances in thermal desorption technology. Intelligently designed and based on a “Liner-in-Liner” concept it has no valves or transfer lines. The TD 3.5+ is connected directly to the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS), which serves both as a cryo-focusing trap and as a temperature programmable GC inlet. Active sites are eliminated, reducing the risk of analyte loss, discrimination and memory effects to an absolute minimum. The TD 3.5+ can be operated in single split, dual split or true splitless mode enabling it to cover the widest range of concentrations, to protect the column from water and contamination, and to reach the lowest possible limits of detection. For extreme sensitivity, multi-desorption mode is selected by mouse-click in the method.

The MAESTRO software combined with Agilent Technologies® MassHunter or ChemStation controls the complete process from DHS to thermal desorption to GC/MS analysis with one integrated method and one sequence table ensuring efficient and error-free operation. Samples can be analyzed using one or more methods and priority sample inserted as needed.

Gerstel, Germany (12/17/2019)
Mark NTL119-119