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Electronic pipette controller
Electronic pipette controller
The new generation of pipette controller Profiller™electro 447 is ideal for working with glass or plastic pipettes. Its compact shape fits any hand in a very comfortable way of enabling trouble-free work within the laminar flow or microbiological safety cabinet.

Liquid aspiration and dispensing are performed through two ergonomically positioned finger triggers, requiring minimum activation effort. One switch enables instant selection of working speeds. The slow activation is needed when handling volumes below 10 mL. For large volumes, even over 100 mL, the efficient fast speed greatly shorten working time.

Each pipetting mode is clearly indicated on the digital display, providing compatibility with both "to deliver" and "blow-out" pipette types.

Battery charge level is visible at anytime on the instrument display. For maximal working flexibility, recharging batteries is possible either in the storage position (plug connected to bench stand) or during use (plug connected to the instrument).

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Socorex, Switzerland (03/13/2019)
Mark NTL119-111