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Speedwave Xpert - The all-rounder for challenging digestions
Speedwave Xpert - The all-rounder for challenging digestions
Tailor-made designs perfectly suited for complex digestion processes involving digestions of difficult sample material under increased temperature and pressure. Its combination of high-quality material, sophisticated microwave design, innovative sensor technology, and easy handling guarantees a high level of safety.

    • Two magnetrons with 2000 W of power allow higher performance
    • Robust top-loader microwave for maximum comfort in operation
    • Patented optical and contact-less sensor technology for real-time temperature and pressure control
    • Dynamic fan regulation minimizes significantly operating noise level
    • Intuitive control thanks to high-resolution color touch-screen display and remote operation via mobile devices
    • Durable digestion vessels completely made of TFM™-PTFE

Berghof, Germany (12/22/2016)
Mark NTL117-101