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Pfeiffer Vacuum presents an expanded product portfolio online
Pfeiffer Vacuum presents an expanded product portfolio online
The portfolio has been significantly expanded, and a selection guide targets the right product for the user. The vacuum solutions from one source lead to potential savings for customers.

Starting immediately, Pfeiffer Vacuum is presenting an expanded product portfolio on its website. In addition to the existing range, from now on, the products from the earlier company acquisitions adixen and Trinos can also be found on the website. With this expansion, the company shows its competence in its ability to offer vacuum solutions from a single source.
The company's entire product portfolio, consisting of magnetically levitated and hybrid-bearing turbopumps, oil-lubricated as well as dry sealing low and medium vacuum pumps, leak detectors, mass spectrometers, vacuum gauges, components and vacuum chambers, can be found online. Using the product selector, the potential customer can find his or her targeted solution from over 3,600 items with just a few clicks.
"With the expanded product portfolio, we are now able to offer our clients in all market sectors the right product for each application - from individual components to complex vacuum systems," explains Manfred Bender, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum. "Our clients can order a complete vacuum solution from one source from us, and its components will be perfectly matched. The better these components fit together, the fewer resources such as electricity, water or gas are required, which also lengthens the maintenance intervals. This allows the client to enjoy significantly lower operating costs."

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Germany (11/04/2012)
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