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New Large Area EDS Detector for Transmission Electron Microscopy
New Large Area EDS Detector for Transmission Electron Microscopy
Bruker introduces the XFlash® 5060 T, the latest addition to the XFlash® family of detectors for X-ray micro- and nanoanalysis (EDS) in electron microscopy. Providing 60 mm² active area, the XFlash® 5060 T guarantees optimum solid angle for the analysis at low beam currents and of samples with low X-ray yield. The slender detector end cap and microscope-specific collimator design allow shortest detector-sample distances and provide a high take-off angle without requiring sample tilt.
Compared to Si(Li) detectors, the XFlash® 5060 T exhibits superior speed and drastically lower dead times, providing significant advantages in collection efficiency, even in low count rate situations. Additionally, the XFlash® 5060 T can operate with good energy resolution at count rates far beyond what any Si(Li) or even competing SDD can handle on TEM.
The superb sensitivity of the XFlash® 5060 T allows detection of high energy radiation. In combination with high-end signal processing electronics and sophisticated software, reliable quantitative analysis of element peaks at 40 kV and above is possible. The detector's outstanding energy resolution, a version with 127 eV at Mn Ka is available, enables reliable and efficient light element analysis of elements down to boron. The XFlash® 5060 T, including electronics, is designed to cause minimum interference with all compatible transmission electron microscopes, conventional or aberration-corrected.

Bruker Nano, Germany (10/11/2012)
Mark NTL111-550