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Wireless vacuum systems of the newest generation
Wireless vacuum systems of the newest generation
Enter the future with the new vacuum system for the laboratory, with the wireless KNF SC 920 vacuum pump, which is extremely fast and precise, utterly silent an easy to operate. This system now comes with a wireless remote control. The touch screen wireless control allows to control all parameters and all operations, in any of the different modes of operation, giving extreme flexibility and saving space in the laboratory.
The system has four operating modes, evacuation to generate a vacuum with an adjustable capacity of the pump, to control a constant pressure, the automatic detection of the boiling point, the most precise on the market, and the regulation of a process according to preset parameters. The pump integrates a system of diaphragm control, which results in a high velocity suction speed, even at low pressures, and which makes the SC 290 system the most appropriate for a majority of the rotary evaporators.
This pump is extremely easy to operate, and all programming and setting of parameters is performed in the handheld manual control unit. The SC 290system may be placed in any location in the laboratory, leaving more free space on the laboratory bench for other tasks. After the process is finished, the pump may be connected with an USB to a computer, and the curve of the process is drawn under a Windows program.

KNF, Germany (03/28/2012)
Mark NTL111-26