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Good Morning Density with DMA 500
Good Morning Density with DMA 500
Starting up the DMA 500 density and concentration meter makes for a good morning in the laboratory: The compact instrument is essentially ready to go once out of the box. This ease of use extends to the instrument's entire operation - optionally even off the line, thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery.
The stand-alone DMA 500 density and concentration meter gives liquid analysis and quality control a strong spin towards simplicity, providing results with an accuracy of 0.001 g/cm3 at the push of a button. The basis for the instrument's density determination is the oscillating U-tube measuring principle - renowned for its performance and applicability since first employed by Anton Paar in 1967.
Measurements with DMA 500 are safe against voltage fluctuations or power outages due to the instrument's integrated rechargeable battery. The meter automatically switches to the battery-operated mode for up to 2 hours of off-the-line operation - or up to 6 hours, if the optionally available high-performance battery is employed. In any case, measurements can be continued as planned without losing data or time.
This uninterruptible power supply also gives way to liquid quality control off the line and outside traditional lab spaces, e.g. in mobile laboratories or near production lines and storage tanks. With a footprint of pocketbook size, DMA 500 is easily operated in often tight spaces like these.

Anton Paar, Austria (09/17/2011)
Mark NTL211-23