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Contact angle measurement - quick and portable
Contact angle measurement - quick and portable
The MobileDrop from KRÜSS is an instrument for measuring the wetting properties of solid samples. Mains-independency and one-hand operation using a notebook makes the instrument a flexible partner for quality assurance - directly on site. With its small base and top view optics the MobileDrop copes with surfaces that previously were hardly accessible: Samples of any size; nondestructive; curved surfaces; inclined and even vertical surfaces.

Measurements with several different liquids are simple - thanks to the easily exchangeable dosing head. As soon as a drop is present the software automatically shows the contact angle and, with several test liquids, immediately calculates the surface free energy of the sample - and all this with quickly drawn-up and storable measuring procedures. A check of the quality of the result using defined tolerance limits concludes the measurement. The software includes an extensive substance database and comfortable data management.

Krüss, Germany (05/15/2009)
Mark NTL208-36