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Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
We use natural refrigerants for more than 20 years already and we are one of the pioneers in the field of environmentally friendly thermoregulation. The innovative design of our units makes it possible to equip large Unistats with environmentally friendly refrigerants and ensure their safe use. The devices achieve an excellent ecological balance not only in the field of refrigerants but also when it comes to low cooling water consumption of water-cooled Unistats and Unichillers, making Huber products especially environmentally friendly. Huber devices only use about a third of the cooling water required by conventional cooling machines. Since 2010, we also offer the possibility to use process heat in cogeneration, thereby optimally utilizing any surplus resources: Unistats can be combined with existing energy resources such as steam, cooling water or liquid nitrogen.
The use of natural refrigerants achieves excellent results and contributes to a positive environmental impact, be it the thermoregulation of reactors, material stress tests, preparation of samples or temperature simulation. A choice of refrigerants geared towards sustainability makes expensive conversions at a later point in time unnecessary and protects against additional investments due to new regulations and laws.

Huber, Germany (02/27/2017)
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