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The purest acid always to hand - Subboiling with distillacid
The purest acid always to hand - Subboiling with distillacid
Modern analytical laboratories need to conduct high-quality ultratrace analysis. Detection limits decrease constantly and high blank values have to be avoided. The purity of chemicals becomes important while at the same time costs of chemicals and consumables should be kept to a minimum.

With Berghof BSB-939-IR subboiling unit, any lab can produce its own high-purity acids from more economical grades (generally reagent grade). The required quantity and purity are therefore always freshly available.

The Berghof BSB-939-IR is characterized by two primary advantages:

1. All components which come into contact with the medium are made of fluoropolymers, making the unit suitable for the purification of hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.

2. Contact-free heating by means of an IR lamp ensures slow, gentle distillation and a high level of purification. A simple distillation of reagent grade acids will produce purities in the ppb to sub-ppb range. Multiple distillations will lead to further purification.

Berghof, Germany (12/26/2016)
Mark NTL117-103