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The new BRAND General Catalog 900!
The new BRAND General Catalog 900!
BRAND presents its comprehensive product range with many new products in an all-new catalog-design.

Complete: On 354 pages the new GC 900 covers the entire range with many new products, e.g.; TipBox, TipRack, TipStack™, the new tip system from BRAND; Titrette® 10ml, the latest addition to the worldwide first and only line of digital bottle-top burettes featuring error limits within Class A for glass burettes; macro pipette controller, with new design, for even more sensitive meniscus control; Dispensette® TA, the bottle-top dispenser for trace analysis and hydrofluoric acid; PLT unit, the universal pipette leak testing unit for any brand of single and multichannel air-displacement pipettes; 96-well microplate with UV-transparent bottom and; 96-well strip plates for assays, screening, storage etc.; BRANDplates® Insert System, innovative cell culture plates and inserts for manual and robotic cell and tissue culture applications; Volumetric instruments, BLAUBRAND®, USP version with certificate.

Comprehensive: The product range is presented in application specific sections including liquid handling instruments and related consumables, a broad offering for life sciences applications, volumetric glass and plastic ware, products for the clinical lab and general laboratory use.

Informative: Application notes, information on the monitoring of measuring instruments and details on the additional services offered by BRAND such as factory calibration and the DAkkS Calibration Laboratory complement the catalog content. Detailed technical information on quality assurance, the material properties of glass and plastics, the adequate cleaning of laboratory equipment, technical documentation and certification and the safe handling of hazardous materials make the General Catalog 900 a hands-on reference for daily use.

The PDF-files of the new BRAND General Catalog 900 are available in eight languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian. Free printed copies can be ordered at www.brand.de !

BRAND, Germany (02/22/2014)
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