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High throughput screening - easy, reliable and efficient
High throughput screening - easy, reliable and efficient
Hirschmann precision glass capillary know-how can also be exploited in HTS with Hirschmann plates. These disposable microtiter plates are made of plastic with glass inserts and combine the advantages of plastic plates with those of glass. Hirschmann plates have a standard size and a lower weight than full glass plates. The glass inserts are characterized by high purity and are chemically inert. The 384 and 1536 plates are ideal for tempering, as rinsing of cavity walls is practically complete. The application spectrum is expanded with the addition of aluminum Hirschmann plates. The glass inserts can be removed individually. Hirschmann plates made of plastic are available with permanently fixed glass inserts (96 - 384 - 1536) or individually removable glass inserts (96 - 384). Microtiter plates with an aluminum plate and individually removable glass inserts are also available (96 or 384 glass inserts).

HTS with system
Hirschmann plates and liquid handling devices from Hirschmann represent the perfect combination for efficient HTS. The opus® dispenser thus combines functionality and user-friendliness with functional reliability and efficiency during electronic dispensing. Serial dispensing procedures with consistent reliability of results can also be realized through electronic control - up to 9999 times if required.

Overview of details
  •  Glass inserts, removable or fixed
  •  High purity, chemically inert
  •  Carrier plate made of PP or aluminium
  •  Lighter weight than full glass plates
  •  Sealable with lid or film
  •  Use on liquid handling platforms possible
  •  Certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Hirschmann, Germany (07/10/2017)
Mark NTL216-18