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Capture Western blots and more with the New ChemiDoc-It®TS3 Imager
Capture Western blots and more with the New ChemiDoc-It<sup>®TS3</sup> Imager
See how UVP's New ChemDoc-It®TS3 Imagers simplify imaging with the ultra-sensitive cooled CCD camera for the finest detection and capture of chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex gels. Imagers feature a large 15.6" touch interface and easy to use software interface to select capture modes, AutoExposure tool and One-Touch templates. Modes optimize image capture with numerous integration and exposure settings and the capability to capture a sequence of images. Select and save desired settings as One-Touch templates which can be recalled later to save time for later experiments. Users can select from multiple languages. Conveniently save images to the Imager, to USB or a network computer. UVP's systems are available through a dealer network. Contact UVP for product or dealer information.

UVP, USA (05/06/2017)
Mark NTL315-25