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White Paper Illustrates Technique for Multi-Color Bacterial Counting
White Paper Illustrates Technique for Multi-Color Bacterial Counting
UVP offers a white paper defining the technique to count multiple color bacteria (Ref. Focal Points FP-149). The ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station captures brilliant color colony images. The software then differentiates between multiple colors when counting the colonies. The white paper describes the materials and methods used for differentiating between b-glucuronidase positive (blue) bacteria and negative (yellow) bacteria. The results generated shows detailed counts of each color and percentage of the population determined to be positive in b-glucuronidase. Janelle Batman, UVP Product Manager states, "The ColonyDoc-It’s high resolution color camera and advanced software algorithms provide researchers with the means to finely differentiate among the myriad colors expressed by colonies."

The ColonyDoc-It Station’s innovative design enables users to automatically count colonies quickly and accurately. The station features: Integrated high resolution digital color camera for brilliant color colony images; Several light sources for illuminating a wide range of stained media; use of pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33 to 150 mm; capture colony sizes as small as 0.08 mm; count colonies automatically and generate detailed statistics; doors create a darkroom environment; GFP fluorescence with epi blue light and optional GFP filter.

The ColonyDoc-It Station allows time lapse counting and applications such as microbiology, quality control, environmental and pharmaceutical applications.

UVP, USA (02/03/2011)
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