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Quick and Easy High Resolution Gel Imaging
Quick and Easy High Resolution Gel Imaging
The GelDoc-It® TS Imaging System for fluorescent gel imaging just got easier with the new larger 15'' screen with touch technology and integrated components. Simply touch the screen to select imaging functions. The design minimizes space required on the laboratory bench. The GelDoc-It features the ability to:

• See live preview of images on the large 15" screen
• Capture high quality gel and plate images with the industry leading 2 megapixel high resolution, scientific grade CCD camera
• Maximize functionality with the built-in computer and easy-to-use software interface
• Fluoresce a wide range of stained gels

For Coomassie and Silver Stains, add the highly uniform white light plate - uniform lighting at < 5% coefficient of variance (CV)
Save images to the conveniently located USB drive or transfer to another computer via network connectivity.
Optional VisionWorksLS Analysis Software includes comprehensive tools for in-depth image analysis. Automate experiments with accurate quanitation. Generate lane profile graphs, intensity histograms, concentration curves and much more. Enhance images and compile extensive reports.

UVP offers a wide range of basic to advanced imaging systems for visualizing, capturing, analyzing and documenting gels, plates, chemiluminescent blots and more.

UVP, USA (09/23/2010)
Mark NTL309-32