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Wireless Monitoring and Control of JULABO Instruments
Wireless Monitoring and Control of JULABO Instruments
The new "WirelessTEMP" products provide wireless communication with nearly all Julabo devices. The only requirement is an RS232 interface in the temperature-control unit, then even existing circulators, chillers, and temperature-control systems can be wirelessly controlled and monitored. This provides numerous advantages for the user: besides the time saved in monitoring the device, "WirelessTEMP" predominantly provides more flexibility in the selection of the device's location and in many cases provides a cost reduction by eliminating costly wiring. Beyond that, new possibilities for quality assurance and facility safety arise. Because with the use of wireless radio communication, data can be transferred quickly and simply. For the laboratory personnel, the inspection rounds are reduced, because all important parameters and operating elements are now available directly on the remote control or workstation PC. And not least, the wireless solution promises less walks and therefore more comfort throughout the workday. Another important area is in sites with explosion hazards. Here "WirelessTEMP" allows simple operation and monitoring of the temperature-control devices, which are generally located outside the hazardous area.
Up to eight JULABO instruments can be monitored through a PC or remote control. Start-up becomes very simple, because the devices establish the wireless connection automatically after switching on. The included configuration software even allows the establishment of complex networks with several mutually independent device groups. Therefore, undisturbed operation is possible even in neighboring labs.

Julabo, Germany (09/22/2009)
Mark NTL308-12