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Dividing - as important as the analysis itself!
Dividing - as important as the analysis itself!
Errors in sample preparation, above all in dividing the laboratory sample, accumulate in the course of the process and cannot be compensated, even by the most up to-date analytical instruments. Only the exact division of the entire sample into representative fractions will guarantee exact and unbiased analytical results! For quality-conscious manufacturers, processors and supervisors, this means that an exact sample division must be as important as an error-free analysis.
RETSCH sample dividers are rotating dividers. They divide all pourable solids up to 10 mm so accurately that the characteristic composition of each fraction of the sample corresponds exactly to that of the original bulk sample. This very high degree of dividing accuracy and reproducibility is achieved with both fine and coarse materials. The material feed and dividing processes take place automatically, without interruption and without loss of material. The feed amount can range from a few grams up to 5000 mL depending on the sample vessels used. It is possible to produce an individual number of identical fractions for various applications by the repeated division or combination of fractions. Working with the RETSCH Sample Divider PT 100 is easy and uncomplicated. For example, material feed with the Feeder DR 100 is automatic and synchronized: this means representative sample division right from the start, as the DR 100 only starts feeding the material when the sample divider has reached its proper running speed. For cleaning and exchanging, the dividing head, feed chute and hopper can be easily removed without any tools. The sample vessels are also extremely easy to attach and release with the quick-release clamps.

Retsch, Germany (12/01/2008)
Mark NTL407-21