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Analyte concentration tool for GC/MS analysis
Analyte concentration tool for GC/MS analysis
The TDU is mounted directly on the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS), a PTV-type GC inlet. The CIS is used for analyte refocusing prior to transfer to the GC or GC/MS system. The TDU liner connects directly with the inlet liner of the CIS using a liner-in-liner design. The GC column is connected directly to the CIS inlet liner eliminating the need for a transfer line in the system.
The design provides significant benefits:
Reduced risk of active sites and associated analyte loss: Analytes from the sample are transferred to the analytical system without loss or discrimination providing accurate analysis results.
Less void volume in the system: The risk of band broadening is reduced. The TDU / CIS system enables quantitative splitless transfer of your concentrated analytes to the GC column at true capillary flows. Analytes are transferred without peak broadening, providing accurate identification and best possible detection limits.
The compact analysis system mounts on top of the GC/MS: No additional bench space is required.
The TDU system is conveniently controlled using the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software. One integrated method and one sequence table control the complete system including GC/MS ensuring error-free set-up. The graphical user interface and context sensitive on-line help for all functions in the MAESTRO software make it easy to get started. The PrepBuilder functions and the sequence scheduler enable easy and efficient set-up by mouse-click. Additional tools include e-mail notification if a sequence is halted and maintenance counters to ensure that the system is always productive.

Gerstel, Germany (11/10/2008)
Mark NTL308-11