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Pipette Reloading System
Pipette Reloading System
Nichiryo America is pleased to announce two new products to the Laboratory Market, the Nichipet EX-Plus and the new E-Pack Pipette Tip Reloading system. The Nichipet EX-Plus is the newest innovation from Nichiryo offering added features and benefits not found in any other pipetter. The key features of the Nichipet EX-Plus include: Fully autoclavable, no need to disassemble the units prior to autoclaving, or re-calibrate after autoclaving; UV Resistant, units can be used and stored in a UV hood with no damage to the units; solvent resistant, the Par-Flouro O-Rings provide 100% solvent resistance during pipetting; smooth, continuous adjustable micrometer, unlike some of the "click-stop" micrometers, the user can dial in the exact amount needed to pipette; locking Mechanism, ensures the volume does not shift during pipetting; ceramic plungers, featured on sizes 200µL and higher for longer durability while in use; nozzle filters, featured on sizes 1000µL and higher to prevent any over-pipetting into the nozzle; 8 different sizes, allows complete coverage from 0.1µL up to 10mL; one-touch calibration, convenient calibration tool is included with each model for easy calibration in the laboratory; two year Warranty on all parts; 100% spare parts available, all the spare parts are available for purchase by the laboratory to ensure a long lasting investment. The new E-Pack Pipette Tip Reloading System offers the laboratory a more environmentally safe method for traditional racked pipette tips. The stacked trays "lock" into the specially designed empty boxes to ensure no "accidental" spilling of tips during use. The racks can be easily reloaded from either the mini-stack or bulk product offering the laboratory the most economical use of the laboratory budget. All tips are "universal" and fit most leading pipette brands.
The Nichiryo line is available through authorized distributors. Please visit our web-site www.nichiryo.com to find the dealer closest to you.

Nichiryo, USA (11/02/2007)
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