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FRITSCH Planetary Mills premium line - for grinding down to the nanometer range!
FRITSCH Planetary Mills <I>premium line</I> - for grinding down to the nanometer range!
Extremely efficient and fast grinding with maximum safety, highest convenience and simple operation!
Discover with the new FRITSCH premium line a completely new dimension in high-tech milling. For the first time ever, never known before, rotational speeds and ultrafine grinding results down into the nano range are achieved.
Due to the time-saving premium grinding bowl locking-system, the automatic checking of the locks in the mill, the blocking in event of impermissible operating states and the new automatic shut-off function in event of an imbalance, man and the machine are kept safer than ever.
Grinding has never been as fast and safe!

Your advantages with the FRITSCH premium line:

In the FRITSCH premium line, the grinding bowls sunk into the disk enable revolutionary rotational speeds of up to 1100 rpm and a sensational acceleration of 95 times the force of gravity for the first time. The result: significantly shorter milling processes, fineness levels down into the nano range.

For the first time, the bowl and lid form a solid unit - the grinding bowls are closed gas-tight with one motion and with a second motion, they are safely locked in the mill. The grinding bowls position themselves and snap securely into place - no additional tensioning, no incorrect operation! The grinding chamber of the premium line opens and closes automatically and independently rotates the bowl mounts in a convenient position for handling. The result: Absolutely user-friendly handling and time-saving - a decisive simplification of your daily work.

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Safety redefined: The mill automatically detects the inserted grinding bowls via a special RFID chip, then optimises the rotation speed and prevents impermissible grinding settings. The result: Guaranteed constant and optimal results - incorrect operation impossible!

Up-dated information on the Planetary Mills at www.fritsch-milling.com/planetary-mills

Fritsch, Germany (07/17/2014)
Mark NTL114-514