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Bruker AXS Introduces the D2 CRYSOTM System, a Large Crystal Orientation Analyzer Based on Novel ED-XRD Technology
Bruker AXS Introduces the D2 CRYSO<sup>TM</sup> System, a Large Crystal Orientation Analyzer Based on Novel ED-XRD Technology
Bruker AXS introduced its new D2 CRYSO™ system, a unique bench-top crystal orientation analyzer utilizing a novel, patented method of energy dispersive X-ray Diffraction (ED-XRD). Bruker's D2 CRYSO is an ideal tool for the determination of lattice orientations of medium and large single crystals that is required for growing and processing single crystal materials. These materials include semiconductor single crystals like Si, SiC, GaAs and Ge, plus oxides, fluorides and nitrides used in optical lenses or monochromators, as well as industrial diamonds and single crystal metals like Ni, Ag and Au. The use of a patented ED-XRD method eliminates the need for multiple rotation axes or expensive area detectors. It makes the D2 CRYSO robust and essentially maintenance free. The D2 CRYSO uses Bruker's new industry-leading 30mm XFlash® silicone drift detector (SDD) with outstanding energy resolution and speed, and requires no cooling water. "The new D2 CRYSO will allow easy, fully automatic crystal orientation analysis in QC," said Dr. Ning Yang, Applications Scientist at Bruker AXS. "Even novice users will get the job done quickly and precisely, but there's also an impressive expert mode for crystal growth R&D." Dr. Frank Burgaezy, Executive Vice President at Bruker AXS, added: "The D2 CRYSO is another innovative system in our successful XRD product line, and really offers for the first time 'crystal orientation out of the box'. The D2 CRYSO provides high speed and excellent precision as it is based on our leading XFlash® SDD detector technology."

Bruker AXS, Germany (08/12/2010)
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