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All in one Biodiesel Analyzer
All in one Biodiesel Analyzer
Globally, public authorities promote the use of blends of biofuel and conventional fuel through directives and by setting ambitious goals. Standardization bodies, such as ASTM and CEN, have already published methods that outline specifications for biodiesel as blending component and test methods are available to determine the quality of the biodiesel.

All In One Solution: AC Analytical Controls developed an all in one chromatographic solution that complies with all ASTM & EN test methods listed in the biodiesel specifications EN 14214 & ASTM D6751.

Method and Analysis
ASTM D6584: Free & total glycerin
EN 14103: Ester and linolenic acid methyl ester content
EN 14105: Free & total glycerol, mono-, di- and tri-glyceride content
EN 14106: Free glycerol
EN 14110: Methanol content

System description: The AC Biodiesel System uses the new Agilent Technologies 7890A gas chromatograph equipped with: two capillary columns, Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC) for setting flow and pressure parameters, one split/splitless inlet, one on-column inlet, an additional column oven module, two Flame Ionization Detectors (FID), optional Automatic Liquid Sampler, and an optional Headspace Sampler.

PAC, USA (02/27/2008)
Mark NTL307-28