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BINDER CB 53 goes around the world
BINDER CB 53 goes around the world
At the beginning of May the mini-size of the BINDER CB 53 incubator was officially introduced at Achema in Frankfurt. However, the small device had already covered a long distance. It had previously been presented at a large number of trade fairs and events all over the world:
ArabLab and ArabHealth Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Pittcon Chicago (USA), Achema Frankfurt, VWR Conference Willingen and Forum Life Science Garching (Germany), Chembio Helsinki (Finland), UMCG Amsterdam, UMCU Utrecht, AZM Maastrich, Relation Ship Day Meppel and Sanquin Groningen (Netherlands), VWR Tour Nice, Toulouse and Strasbourg (France) and in-house trade fairs in Berne (Switzerland) and Heidelberg (Germany). It will shortly be on view at ESHRE Amsterdam (Netherlands), VWR Tour Aix-en-Provence (France) and many other places.
If you have not had the chance to see the BINDER innovation yet or if you would like to see our new baby presented at your company, please contact Marketing@Binder-World.com and we will make an appointment to present our new star.

Binder, Germany (08/21/2009)
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