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Antek 9000 Series Low Level Sulfur Analyzer
Antek 9000 Series Low Level Sulfur Analyzer
Further developments in our patented Pyro-fluorescenceTM technology enable unprecedented UVF (ultraviolet fluorescence) sensitivity. Unrivalled speed, accuracy, and precision establish this laboratory analyzer as a real world solution for ppb laboratories. Proven, patented technology performs total sulfur analyses in LPGs, gases and syringeable liquids. The 9000LLS utilizes ASTM D 5453 which is accepted by EPA for low and ultra-low level sulfur in ULSD and by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for low level sulfur analysis in Phase 2 Reformulated gasoline. European Union scientists (Workgroup 27) established this UVF technology as the method of choice for low (<10mg/kg) sulfur in motor fuels. Our Pyro-fluorescentTM sulfur analysis technology is a fast, accurate quantitation method. With the advancements of the 9000LLS, it provides determinations for an analytical range of low ppb to % levels. This clean instrumental method is more stable than lead acetate tape methods, without their consumables or lead waste disposal problems. It does not have the matrix problems of x-ray and is accurate to much lower levels of sulfur.

PAC, USA (02/25/2008)
Mark NTL307-29

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