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Spectrophotometer for food and beverage analysis
Spectrophotometer for food and beverage analysis
Cecil instruments offers a series of three different spectrophotometers fully preprogrammed for the analysis of food and beverages. The methods include those based on single wavelength measurements, as well as those methods evaluating multiple wavelengths. All methods are pre-programmed and are part of the instruments DietQuest, and are defined by national and international institutions or professional associations, which include the following: AACC, AOAC, ALVA, APA, ASBC, BS-EN, CAA, DIN, FDA, FIL-IDF, GudRI, IFU, IOB, IOCCC, ISO, MAFF, MEBAK, NEW, NF, OIV, OJEC. In those cases when the concentration of the analyte is not in a linear relationship with the absorbance, a quadratic or cubic calibration curve is applied, which is calculated with up to 30 standard samples. A straight line is used to calibrate linear results, and up to 30 curves may be stored in the instrument. The measurements may be performed with up to 10 different wavelengths. The sample measurement shows the results for an orange juice. The sample must be clean from solids when applying method AOAC 986.14, with which it is possible to determine possible adulterations when taking the spectra and adding the absorbances of the lines at 443 nm, 325 nm and 250 nm and considering the relationship of the absorbances of the lines 443 nm and 325 nm.

Cecil, United Kingdom (07/21/2016)
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