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2014 General Catalog is Now Available
2014 General Catalog is Now Available
UVP, LLC is pleased to announce the 2014 General Catalog is now available. The catalog covers UVP's wide range of Ultraviolet and Laboratory Products plus BioImaging Systems. Since 1932, UVP has achieved an excellent history of intuitive design and quality manufacture of products for science, industry and education. The catalog covers: Ultraviolet Lamps including handheld styles to high intensity bench and display models for sterilization; fluorescence and inspection applications; Pen-Ray® Light Sources including mercury, rare gas and photochemical quartz configurations; Ultraviolet transilluminators and crosslinkers; Chromato-Vue® UV Viewing Cabinets; Hybridization ovens; PCR hoods: UV and HEPA styles; BioImaging Systems including BioDoc-It® for basic gel documentation, ColonyDoc-It™ for colony counting, ChemiDoc-It®TS2 for gel and chemiluminescent blot imaging, and iBox® Explorer® Imaging Microscope for fluorescence in vivo imaging.
As part of Analytik Jena (Jena, Germany), UVP now manages the Analytik Jena and Biometra instruments and consumables in South America. Myrna Espiritu, UVP's International Sales Manager, says, "Researchers can now source total workflow solutions by conveniently obtaining all of their equipment requirements from the scope of products available from the UVP/Analytik Jena/Biometra group. We are supplying American and German engineering at its best for the benefit of our South American & North American researchers."

UVP, USA (08/18/2014)
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