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Compact vacuum pump for filtration and solid phase extraction
Compact vacuum pump for filtration and solid phase extraction
VACUUBRAND has presented two new membrane pumps, the models ME 1 and ME 1C. With these, VACUUBRAND offers a complete line of small vacuum pumps. Especially for vacuum filtration, for the sample preparation in the chemistry laboratory, in microbiology, for residual water monitoring, and other analytical procedures, these membrane pumps ME 1 and ME 1C are the ideal tools. With a final vacuum of 100 mbar, there is already 90 % of the atmospheric pressure available as a propelling force for the filtration. The ME 1 is the correct choice for pumping water. If there is a need to work with aggressive solvents, the ME 1C is the appropriate pump with its excellent chemical resistance. The ergonomic design, with the on-off switch on the external casing, results in an easy operation, even when using gloves. Since the pumps are very compact and small, the total space on the lab table needed is minimum. As an option, a manual control valve with a pressure gauge, allows a gradual setting of the suction capacity up to the maximum of 0.7 m³/h. The ME 1 and ME 1C are basically maintenance free. The development of these pumps was based on the very successful predecessor three stage membrane pumps MD 1 and MD 1C. These oil-free pumps were known for the long lifetime of their membranes.

VACUUBRAND, Germany (09/29/2012)
Mark NTL210-19