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High flow vacuum filtration pumps
High flow vacuum filtration pumps
KNF presents the most recent line of vacuum pumps for filtration tasks, the series N-838. This series includes two models, the 22 LPM and the 37 LMP versions, which generate a higher flow rate capacity for manifold filtration or large volume vessels. The pump head is made of PPS (Ryton), and the diaphragm is covered with Teflon in order to withstand aggressive and corrosive gases and vapors. Optionally, it will be delivered with a manometer and a pin valve in order to regulate the gas flow. Our pumps are service-free, and there is no need to drain oil or water. Additionally, the internal valves are highly resistant against possible condensation, and which do not affect the efficiency of the performance of the pump.

KNF, Germany (04/10/2012)
Mark NTL111-24