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Kjeldahl systems for environmental analysis from Büchi
Kjeldahl systems for environmental analysis from Büchi
When planning a new laboratory it is important, from the budgeting point of view, that each instrument can be adapted to the greatest number of applications possible. The distillation equipment based on the Kjeldahl method has some advantages in this aspect since its key component is a distillation unit by vapor injection. This is a necessary type of sample preparation in many processes and analysis. During the passed years, Büchi Labortechnik AG has totally redesigned its Kjeldahl systems, which now makes it possible to fulfill various other functionalities beyond the traditional protein determination. A new application note describes the use of the Distillation Unit K-353 for the determination of phenols in the concentration range of 200 - 5000 µg/L by photometric detection with 4-amino-antipyridine in accordance with the most important standards for this assay like IOS 6439, EPA 9065, DIN 38409 H16-3. For wastewaters and sludge's from water treatment plants also the volatile acids and COD and the concentration of ammonia may be determined. These and other applications in within the environmental analysis are offered free of charge by Büchi Labortechnik AG.

Büchi, Switzerland (11/07/2009)
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