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Untangle the matrix
Untangle the matrix
Jordan Valley is a key designer, manufacturer and supplier of energy dispersive XRF spectrometers for laboratory with more than 30 years of experience. Our EDXRF instruments are unriveld in quality, functionality, flexibility and ease of use. Our spectrometers cover a wide range, may be configured to specific requirements of the industry, and have been developed to solve the elemental analyses requirements of the following branches: Petroleum, detection of low sulphur contents; Chemical Industry, additive analyses and process control; Plastics, Polymers, WEER, RoHS, ELV; Cuantification of toxic metals; Homeland Security and Forensics; Mobile and On-Site identification of unknown elements; Alloys, metal identification; Minerals, identification of mayor and trace elements; Environmental uses, identification of particulates in air and tools for field investigation.

Mark NTL208-14